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Black and Brownie

A new website for a dance studio operating in Pärnu. The goal of the website is to provide information about the dance studio quickly and conveniently, as well as offer details about the classes. The website is easy to visit on all devices.

Our role

  • Web development
  • Optimization

Who is Black and Brownie?

Black and Brownie Dance School is a unique dance studio that has been operating in Pärnu for eight years. Our dance school’s goal is not only to teach young people how to dance but also to convey the principles and values of hip-hop culture and to develop the creativity, self-expression, and performance skills of the youth. The main focus is on freedom and freestyle skills.

In our studio, you can learn the following dance styles: LA style, street show, breaking, show-jazz, contemporary technique, Jackson beat, contemporary dance, show dance, and urban contemporary. We are a creative studio that captures dance through videos and photos.

Visit website:www.blackbrownie.ee

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