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Hipodroomi Kvartal

We took care of the branding, web design, and web development for EKE AS’s real estate new development, Hipodroomi Kvartal. Hipodroomi Kvartal is a grand residential and business quarter in Tallinn, with leading companies in Estonia as its first anchor tenants, including Swedbank and Elisa.

We created the visual identity for Hipodroomi Kvartal, which involved designing the brand logo, creating symbols, illustrations, and other visuals, selecting meaningful colors, and crafting the brand story and messages. In addition, we also performed UX and UI web design and developed the website for Hipodroomi Kvartal.

Our role

  • Branding
  • UX & UI design
  • Web development
  • Marketing

Brand visual identity (CVI)

The visual identity of Hipodroomi Kvartal has been created with the aim of conveying the essence of the entire brand and the values it offers.

Hipodroomi Kvartal is an important meeting place for the surrounding community, carrying forward a historically significant environment that offers entertainment and embraces the proximity to nature within an urban setting.

The logo symbolically depicts a gate pavilion, which serves as the entrance to the promenade of Hipodroomi Kvartal and is inspired by the historical gate building of Hipodroomi. The gate opens the doors to the entire Hipodroomi Kvartal, symbolizing both access to the quarter itself and new opportunities.

The colors chosen for Hipodroomi Kvartal represent the brand according to their respective meanings: The bronze color symbolizes earthiness, growth, and strength. The white and light gray colors represent freshness, light, simplicity, and new beginnings. The navy blue color represents trustworthiness, peace, and intelligence.

Web design and development

The design of the Hipodroomi Kvartal website is inspired by the overall character of the new development, which is innovative, modern, and forward-looking. Accordingly, the content, details, and elements of the website have been meticulously designed to align with this vision.

To clearly convey the opportunities offered by Hipodroomi Kvartal online, we designed corresponding illustrations and created an interactive journey through Hipodroomi Kvartal on the website.

The Hipodroomi Kvartal website is designed as a tailor-made solution, carefully crafted to meet specific needs and requirements. We wrote code that is search engine-friendly and ensures the website’s strong and sustainable technical health.

Visit website:www.hipodroomi.eke.ee

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