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Kiili Kodukvartal

We created a complete solution for Kiili Kodukvartal. Starting from the creation of the visual identity, functional website UX & UI design and development, to the design of sales and marketing materials and presenting them to the public.

Our role

  • Visual identity (CVI)
  • Graphic design
  • UX & UI design
  • Web development
  • Designing Marketing Materials
  • Marketing

Kiili Kodukvartal

Kiili Kodukvartal is the largest residential development in Kiili’s history. The houses are located in the heart of Kiili and have a rural feel while being close to the city. The quarter consists of cozy apartment buildings that are not too large and are well-suited for young families, for example. The living environment is peaceful, yet all necessary services are conveniently close by (grocery store, gas station, etc.).

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