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Moe Distillery

We created the packaging designs for Moe Distillery’s new series of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails called “Signature Cocktails.” In addition, we have created various marketing materials such as roll-ups, web banners, printed materials, business cards, exhibition booths, tasting tables, etc., and ensured their distribution.

Our role

  • Package design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Exhibition booth design and production
  • Designing Marketing Materials
  • Marketing

Estonian Vodka from Moe

Moe Group includes “Moe Distillery,” “Muddis Brewery,” and “Moe Museum and Visitor Center”.

Moe Distillery produces premium spirit drinks from grain. For example, Moe Distillery vodka brands Rye 1886, Silver Swan 1688, Silver Swan Pure Rye and J.J. Kurberg Rye are all geographically protected. Moe also produces Estonia’s first and only whisky, Tamm & Rukis, several flavored spirits and distillates, and the award-winning Mohn Poppy Gin.

Muddis Brewery specializes in craft beer, with popular options being New York Lager and IPA. They also offer dark and vintage beers.

The aim of Moe Museum and Visitor Center is to introduce Estonian history and traditions related to the rich spirits industry to both locals and foreign tourists, spanning multiple centuries.

Learn more:www.moe.ee

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