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We created an attractive website and a functional customer portal for SmartFOOD, allowing customers to conveniently place orders online. Our role involved creating UX/UI designs for the website and customer portal, with a focus on delivering a high-quality user experience and maintaining consistency with the SmartFOOD brand. Additionally, we developed the website and customer portal to ensure smooth functionality on all devices.

Our role

  • Website UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Customer Portal UX/UI Design
  • Customer Portal Development

What does SmartFOOD do?

SmartFOOD delivers delicious, healthy, and balanced meals tailored to your preferred calorie intake every morning, ensuring you have nutritious meals for the entire day.

“Looking to eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet? Or perhaps you want to lose weight while savoring the foods you love. Let us assist you! SmartFOOD prepares fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals with the calorie count that suits you, delivering them to your preferred location.”

Learn more:www.smartfood.ee

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