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Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA)

We designed a new visual identity for the Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA), including logo, typography, color palette, imagery, and graphic elements. Additionally, we created HAKA’s quality mark, a sample business card, email signature, document templates, social media templates, and presentation templates.

Our role

  • Visual identity (CVI)
  • Graphic design
  • Business card
  • Document templates
  • Social media templates
  • Presentation templates

What does HAKA do?

Estonian Quality Agency for Education (HAKA) is the leading competence center in Estonia in the field of education. “We place the student’s and learners’ right to quality education and the reliability of Estonian education at the national and international level at the center of our activities. Educational institutions bear the main responsibility for the quality of education, and it is the role of HAKA to direct educational institutions to promote their internal quality culture.”

HAKA logomark

The logo depicts a pine tree with its upper branches transforming into birds. High-quality education (the pine tree) gives wings to learners (birds). The quality of education can be measured by the added value that learners receive (the transformation of the upper branches into birds). The style guide can be explored in more detail at: https://haka.ee/logo-kasutamise-juhend/ (by clicking on the word “stiiliraamat”).

Learn more:www.haka.ee

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