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We developed a new modern and user-friendly e-store for Tervislikkus.ee. The goal of the new e-store is to help customers make purchases more easily and represent the Tervislikkus brand online in a prestigious way.

Our role

  • E-store development
  • Customizing product images
  • Rebranding

What does Tervislikkus do?

Tervislikkus.ee is an independent NeoLife distributor in Estonia, represented by the official NeoLife distributor Ranno Rüütsalu. For over 60 years, NeoLife has been providing people with daily products that support their health and are environmentally sustainable. Ranno has been collaborating with NeoLife since 2002 march. Through natural health products, Ranno has significantly improved his living environment and health, and by sharing recommendations with good friends, he has positively impacted their well-being as well.

Visit website:www.tervislikkus.ee

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